A little bit of SpidBot.com

SpidBot it's a search engine, like Google, but focused on offers and products, from the top online stores in the world. The top stores that we search on are: Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Homedepot, Target, Bestbuy, Wayfair, Macys, Lowes, Argos, Tesco, Asda, Screwfix, Marksandspencer, Next, Johnlewis, Currys, Birdsnest, The Bare Body Boutique, Meshki, Pistol Clothing, Black Swallow, YesStyle, Forcast, Showpo, EziBuy, The Iconic, Canadiantire, Costco, Thebay, Newegg, Otto, Mediamarkt, Lidl, Thomann, Zalando, Saturn, Tchibo, and Obi.

Also, we can search across all the internet, in case some of this stores doesn't have what are you looking for. The idea is simple of this website is simple, everyone know how to uses Google, Bing or Yahoo, so why don't use search engine technology in shopping? There's a couple of price comparation websites, but they doesn't look like something useful at all.

Why did you build SpidBot?

There are many other search engines in the world, but why did I want to make one? Because I love doing things that people find useful and necessary, and there is something exciting that fills my heart with excitement when I start creating something from scratch, I feel like a child in a candy store every time I have the opportunity to sit in the computer and start developing, researching, analyzing, thinking!

When someone searches for something on Google, they not only receive the 10 most relevant websites, a single click generates an amazing search experience. And that is what we want to build in SpidBot. Just imagine a search engine that offers the same as Google, but is used to repair the planet earth. Imagine having enough resources to be able to invest in technologies, foundations, organizations, help animals, plant trees, take homeless people from the streets, help children. That is what I want to do besides being pioneers and innovating the world of technology.

SpidBot is not just a search engine, it is one of my best jobs, everything that entails with computers excites me so much, and I want to prove to myself and the world that you do not need a super-technological team or be a super computer genius or anything, to do something wonderful.

How does it work?

As we said before, this website is a search engine. It is conected to the huge database of Google and Bing. Google made a partnership with us, so thanks to that, we can create filters, that can search websites in all the internet, based on the user requierments.

It is built in HTML + PHP + JavaScript and is the result of the combination of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and our own software. In addition, it has no customized results, this to show the most relevant results and not to add the famous "results bubble". This to always show the most relevant results in the Internet world.

There are many people who believe and tell me that I waste time, that it is impossible for people to stop using Google, Bing or Yahoo, I do not intend to dethrone Google of course, in fact, Google was almost the first to support me and encourage me in moving on, after my family of course.

How do you generate income?

SpidBot.com, generates revenue through ads in web search results and we use ads from the Google AdSense network here.

In the future, we plan to be part of an affiliate network, such as the Amazon Affiliate Program, using simple and unobtrusive links as a method of financing this company.

In order to know how many visits we have, we make use of Google Analytics technology, a tool, free of charge that practically everyone uses, to be able to know if our website is visited or not. Do not worry, because SpidBot does not require an account to be used, we do not know who visits us. And the little data we use, which is not sensitive data, but public information that does not hurt, you can navigate with complete confidence on this site.

I hope this has been informative for you and, in closing, we wish to tell you about the purpose of this website. We want to change the world. We want to keep the world's population up to date with current events, especially now that we have a global pandemic.

If you liked our website, please do not hesitate to share it so that it goes viral, that little action, can change the way this project is developed.

Thank you for reading this!

The SpidBot Team