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About our SpidBot.com privacy policy

SpidBot.com is a search engine developed in PHP + HTML5 + JavaScript. Use the resources of other search engines to be able to give you relevant results from the Internet. We chose the PHP language because it allows a faster response from the servers and also because it allows us to keep the information of your searches encrypted on the Internet.

How does SpidBot work?

An account is not required and is free to use. In addition, it has a small Robot called "ATHENA", which displays relevant and important information for the user.

It is built in HTML + PHP + JavaScript and is the result of the combination of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and my own software, including a small Robot called ATHENA. In addition, it does not have custom results, this to show the most relevant results and not to add the famous "results bubble".

We use cookies to offer a better browsing experience. By using SpidBot.com, you agree to the use of web cookies.

We will NEVER keep the user's data with us, for resale or something similar. We cannot know what to look for on our website, because a tracker is needed for it. We use Google Analytics to find out HOW MANY users come to SpidBot, NOTHING ELSE. The tracker is present on the pages of fixed content, generated by us, that is: it is only on the Home page, this page that you are reading and the page about SpidBot. The ONLY one who can know who you are looking for on the internet is you. And if you delete the history from your device, no one will know what you searched for on the Internet.

Since SpidBot.com is a meta search engine, it uses resources from various websites, both paid and free. Among the places where we get the resources we use are Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing and many others.

If we were to collect data of any kind, the sole purpose would be to enhance your experience with SpidBot.com, this to help you find from websites, job offers, and more. Obviously under the concentration of the user who uses our services.

We do not use crawlers in web search results, images, videos, and news. However, in order for us to know how many visitors a day we have, we use a script from Google Analytics . This script is only present on the "Home", "Privacy" and "About" page. Web results do not have a tracker for various reasons, but mainly for this:

  1. We are not interested in what people are looking for.
  2. The tracker causes results to load too slow.
  3. In a search there should be no crawlers, as that helps annoying ads.

What kind of information do we collect with Google Analytics?

  1. The country where they visit us.
  2. The times they visit us a day.
  3. The language of the device where SpidBot is visited.
  4. The time a session lasts.
  5. Any other type of information that Google Analytics may provide us.

What kind of NO information do we collect with Google Analytics?

  1. Personal Data such as: Name, Surname, Telephone, Email, Addresses ...
  2. Age of the visitor.
  3. Sex / Gender of the visitor.
  4. Name of the device in which SpidBot is visited.
  5. IP addresses.
  6. Fingerprints.
  7. Social network profiles.
  8. Passwords of any kind.
  9. Search history.
  10. Files or information from any memory device.
  11. Any other type of information that Google Analytics can NOT provide us.

And we also implement a technology created by us called AntiTrackIMG, which filters and removes crawlers from the images shown in our search results.