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Welcome to SpidBot.com

The first and only web search engine created for students, both from schools, colleges, universities and professionals from any area, practically anyone who needs the answer to any question or needs to repair anything, technical or not.

What exactly is SpidBot? It's a search engine, like Google, but focused on research and learning, for anything on planet earth. Has it ever happened to you, that you need to calculate something, to program something, or need to know something important, and you spend hours of hours searching? Or even, does your phone or your computer show an error and shut down? And you need to know how to fix it right away, because that's what SpidBot does. You search and we will tell you who can help.

From pirate legends, to the history of the human race. From how to make a hello world, to how to use SQL Server. The stock market, accounting, and the price of the dollar. Computers, history, math, business administration, economics, finance, news, psychology, cooking, music, arts, how to repair, how to create, what it is, when it was, how to do, and the list goes on. That, that is precisely what I want to do with this search engine: Ask, browse and answer.

Let's say your computer won't turn on, and it throws an error screen. And you want to know what that error is, and how to repair it. SpidBot, filters the internet search, and shows you only the technology websites, with the solution to the error and what it means.

And how about this? You are doing your homework (primary, secondary, university, work, at home, it doesn't matter) and you need to know the most important battles of the Napoleonic wars. Or maybe? How to make a chocolate cake? SpidBot filters junk pages and shows you only all culinary web pages on the internet, and National Geographic articles, for example.

Take my case into account: I, Arnoldo, am a programmer, student and Software Support Engineer, that is, I give support, study and program. One of the programming languages ​​that I really like is PHP, to be able to make websites or APIs.

How does SpidBot help me?

If I want to know how to read an XML file with PHP, all I have to do is write to SpidBot is "How to read XML with PHP", and its advanced filters in conjunction with the Google and Bing search engines, search the entire internet , pages that can help me solve my problem or give me the answer I'm looking for. Sounds like Google right? Well, no, the difference is that SpidBot filters out junk and not very relevant web pages from the results, that is, SpidBot does not search pages like Facebook, Twitter, sometimes even Wikipedia itself. Instead, you are looking at important pages, such as Microsoft manuals, Micro Focus, Stackoverflow, etc.

There are many other search engines in the world, but why did I want to make one? Because I love doing things that people find useful and necessary, and there is something exciting that fills my heart with excitement when I start creating something from scratch, I feel like a child in a candy store every time I have the opportunity to sit in the computer and start developing, researching, analyzing, thinking!

When someone searches for something on Google, they not only receive the 10 most relevant websites, a single click generates an amazing search experience. And that is what we want to build in SpidBot. Just imagine a search engine that offers the same as Google, but is used to repair the planet earth. Imagine having enough resources to be able to invest in technologies, foundations, organizations, help animals, plant trees, take homeless people from the streets, help children. That is what I want to do besides being pioneers and innovating the world of technology.

SpidBot is not just a search engine, it is one of my best jobs, everything that entails with computers excites me so much, and I want to prove to myself and the world that you do not need a super-technological team or be a super computer genius or anything, to do something wonderful.

There are many people who believe and tell me that I waste time, that it is impossible for people to stop using Google, Bing or Yahoo, I do not intend to dethrone Google of course, in fact, Google was almost the first to support me and encourage me in moving on, after my family of course.

I want to show the world that anyone can do great things regardless of age, sex, nationality, academic level, or anything. We are all capable of great things, and that goes for you, who is reading this. Don't give up, if I could, you can too. Because, believe it or not, there are people who are currently using SpidBot.

I will demonstrate that anyone with a dream is able to get ahead, making SpidBot one of the most used tools in the world.


“Provide everyone with access to information and technology that human beings have managed to develop over time. May the power of the internet and technology be available to every human being. In order to turn SpidBot into one of the most used tools on planet Earth, and thus be able to contribute to the development of the human being.”


“Imagine SpidBot.com as one of the most important and visited websites in the world. Combining the best of current technologies and other resources, both own and external, technological and human, transforming SpidBot.com one of the most useful tools on planet Earth. Being able to take care of the user in real time, while browsing the internet privately.”

How does SpidBot work?

An account is not required and is free to use. In addition, it has a small Robot called "ATHENA", which shows relevant and important information for the user.

It is built in HTML + PHP + JavaScript and is the result of the combination of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and our own software, including a small Robot called ATHENA. In addition, it has no customized results, this to show the most relevant results and not to add the famous "results bubble". This to always show the most relevant results in the Internet world.