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What exactly is SpidBot? It's a search engine, like Google, but focused on research and learning, for anything on planet earth. Let's say your computer won't turn on, and it throws an error screen. And you want to know what that error is, and how to repair it. SpidBot, filters the internet search, and shows you only the technology websites, with the solution to the error and what it means.

And how about this? You are doing your homework (primary, secondary, university, work, at home, it doesn't matter) and you need to know the most important battles of the Napoleonic wars . Or maybe? How to make a chocolate cake? . SpidBot filters junk pages and shows you only all culinary web pages on the internet, and National Geographic articles, for example.

From pirate legends, to the history of the human race. From how to make a hello world, to how to use SQL Server. The stock market, accounting, and the price of the dollar. Computers, history, math, business administration, economics, finance, news, psychology, cooking, music, arts, how to repair, how to create, what it is, when it was, how to do, and the list goes on. That, that is precisely what I want to do with this search engine: Ask, browse and answer .